Class Descriptions

All Levels

A class adapted to suit all levels from new & beginner (Level 1) to levels 2 and up.

Gentle (suitable for seniors)

A gentler yoga class at a slower pace to develop greater flexibility, balance, strength, and much more ease in their bodies. Practiced correctly, yoga can help ease the discomfort of arthritis and the general aches and pains of aging.  All levels welcome including new students. 

Healthy Backs Class

The Healthy Backs class will focus on practices that improve the health of the spine, the lower & upper back, the neck, shoulders and everything in between.  Proper care of the back and spine are critical to maintaining a healthy active and vibrant life.   All levels welcome including new students.  

Level 1-2

The recommended class for most students, including yoga practitioners new to Iyengar yoga, those continuing in Level 1 as well as level 2 students. In this combined class, 25 yoga postures are introduced which provide the foundation for a well-rounded yoga practice. Through these foundational postures, students learn how to practice yoga in the Iyengar method correctly and safely and develop the strength, stamina, flexibility and body awareness required to proceed to the next level. Students learn to be familiar with the props used for various postures. Each subsequent level builds on the previous one by adding more postures and deepening the yoga experience.
A combined class suitable for new and those continuing in Level 1 as well as level 2 students.

Level 2-3

Increase the range and depth of poses, deepen an established shoulder stand and develop a 5 minute headstand.

Men’s Class

Join the men’s class with Drew to develop more flexibility, reduce stress, improve posture and maybe even your golf game! ; )  All levels welcome including new students


Balance and restore your body and mind through supported poses. This class is suitable for students working with limitations and injuries, seniors, pregnancy or those wanting a more relaxing, gentler class.
All levels welcome including new students.

Women’s Class

In this class we will look at practices which help women to manage the stresses of everyday life and the challenges that come with physical and emotional changes as we age.  We will explore practices to improve hot flashes, improve sleep, maintain and lift the organic body, improve posture which affects spine and brain/cognitive health.  This class is beneficial for all women whether pre, peri, or postmenopausal.
All levels welcome including new students.

Cancer Class (Not currently being offered)

The Cancer Class is for individuals in cancer treatment. Please register through CancerCare Manitoba by calling (204) 787-2109.

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