Registration Help

x*Yoga North has made the switch to a new ONLINE registration system called Punchpass.  Below are the step-by-step instructions on how you can sign-up, pay and reserve your classes or download a printable version here.


1. View our SCHEDULE & FEES

– Make note of the session dates and the classes you would be interested in taking.
You no longer have to register for the entire session.  You can simply purchase an online class pass (similarly to our old “class card system”) for the number of classes you wish to take for the session.  All passes expire at the end of the session.

2. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT:  Before you will be able to register and pay for classes, you will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE.
– Enter your login details or use your Google credentials to create your account.
– You’ll receive an email to confirm. Click the confirmation link and your account will be set.
– Bookmark the link, save your login information and you will have access to your Yoga North account, class pass(es) & class reservations at any time.
– Update your account details, review & sign our waiver form.
– Now you are ready to buy your class passes & reserve your classes.

3. TO PAY:  A class pass must be purchased before you can reserve your class(es).

– Once you are signed-in to your account, click PURCHASE A PASS on the menu bar.
– Pick the pass for the number of classes you would like.  All passes expire at the end of the session and can be purchased at any time.
– Purchase your pass with a credit card or Google Pay.
– Once you have purchased your pass, a payment invoice will be emailed to you.
– You can view your class pass(es) when signed-in to your account under “My Active Passes”.  Now you are ready to reserve your classes.


– Sign-in to your account
– Go to the SCHEDULE or CALENDAR view on the menu bar
Click on the class name of your choice to reserve a spot, which will open a separate window – then click on the green RESERVE MY SPOT IN CLASS button.  Another window will then open to confirm that you have successfully registered for that class.
– Please ensure to select the appropriate class type (in-person or online) when registering.
– Once you reserve your class(es), you will receive a class confirmation email.
– Class reminder emails will be sent 1 day before your class(es).
– If booking online classes, a Zoom link and password will be sent in that same reminder email or you can access the links in your account.
– Every time you make a reservation, one class will be deducted from your pass which you will see in your account.

*You may cancel your reserved class up to 1 hour before your scheduled class.

*You can book your classes up to 1 hour before each class of your choice, but remember that in-person classes are limited to 15 people.

 * If you make a reservation and do not attend, you will lose your class.  

Online classes will NOT be recorded


All class purchases are final, non-refundable and non-transferable. Classes purchased expire at the end of each session. We cannot issue credit for reservation no-shows.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.


The Iyengar Yoga Teaching Method

Iyengar Yoga is a method of teaching and learning classic yoga.  Yoga North teachers are trained in this method.  They will use verbal instruction, demonstration, and sometimes physical adjustments (either with a prop or hands-on) to teach the yoga poses.  These methods of instruction are intended to help students learn safely, correctly and accurately.

When physical adjustments are used, teachers will normally ask for your consent for the type of adjustment they want to make.  However, minor adjustments or touch may be used quickly or in passing to draw your attention to a specific area of action in a pose.  This is intended to help you deepen your experience and learning.  As a student, you will always have the option of declining a specific adjustment or adjustments in general – unless it is for your own safety and the teacher must act quickly.  In some cases, if you decline a teacher’s hands-on help, you will be asked to do an alternate pose for your own safety.

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