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REGISTRATION  :  Fall Session 1

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The Iyengar Yoga Teaching Method

Iyengar Yoga is a method of teaching and learning classic yoga.  Yoga North teachers are trained in this method.  They will use verbal instruction, demonstration, and sometimes physical adjustments (either with a prop or hands-on) to teach the yoga poses.  These methods of instruction are intended to help students learn safely, correctly and accurately.

When physical adjustments are used, teachers will normally ask for your consent for the type of adjustment they want to make.  However, minor adjustments or touch may be used quickly or in passing to draw your attention to a specific area of action in a pose.  This is intended to help you deepen your experience and learning.  As a student, you will always have the option of declining a specific adjustment or adjustments in general – unless it is for your own safety and the teacher must act quickly.  In some cases, if you decline a teacher’s hands-on help, you will be asked to do an alternate pose for your own safety.

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