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Session 1: June 15 to July 18
Session 2: July 20 to August 22

9:30 am with Regan

11:30 am with Regan
5:30 pm with Hana

Tuesdays Zoom class online
9:30 am with Drew

9:30 am with Drew

11:30 am with Drew*
5:30 pm with Andrea

Thursdays Zoom class online
7 pm with Regan

9:30 am with Regan

11:30 am with Hana*

9:30 am with Andrea


Classes are 1.25 minutes and suitable for ALL LEVELS.
*Wednesday & Friday 11:30 am class is a “gentle” All Levels.

Students must pre-register for classes to attend. NO DROP-INS. See below for registration details.

Remember, if you can’t join us at the studio or with Zoom at these specific times, there are class videos saved on our Facebook VIDEOS page. And everyone can view them, even those without accounts.


Session 1– June 15 to July 18
Session 2– July 20 to August 22.

To make this summer schedule work, we will require students to register for a class and to commit and pay for a 5-week session (whether you can attend all 5 classes or not). There will be no drop-ins, refunds or class credits.

We need to know in advance how many will attend each class. Classes with less than 10 students may be cancelled. Priority will be given to people attending one class per week before others can register for two or more classes per week. You may register for both session 1 & 2 at once.

Please register on the following dates & times:

– Thursday evening, June 4, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
– Friday morning, June 5, 10 am to 1 pm

- Saturday morning, June 6, 10 am to 1 pm

EMAIL registrations
at or by
PHONE (204) 779-6895

If you register by email. please clearly indicate which session(s) (session 1, 2 or both) and for which class(es) you are registering. Please have a second option in case your chosen class is full or you would like to attend two classes per week. We’ll do our best to accommodate your choices but priority will be given to one class per week per student at first.

Once registration closes on Saturday June 6 at 1 pm, we will finalize the schedule and contact you for your payment the following week.  Payments should be made by e-transfer to or with credit card over the phone (204) 779-6895.


Since we’ve all been hit by circumstances beyond our control, we’re hoping that you’ll continue to step up (if you can) to help out the studio. Therefore, we’ll be making some changes to the fee schedule and make some limited accommodations for unused classes prior to mid-March.

Fees for the two summer session classes, including the Zoom streaming classes, must be paid in a group of 5 classes:

1 class per week for 5 weeks (one session) = $94.50 (includes gst).

Please follow the registration guidelines listed above
Payments will be by e-transfer to  or
credit card over the phone (204) 779-6895.

We will contact you for payment after you have registered and we have finalized the schedule.

**There will be no refunds or credits.

Previously purchased classes

If you have an old class card with pre-purchased classes that haven’t been used:

If you participated in the on-line classes over the last few months and didn’t make a donation for them, you should count those on-line classes against any pre-purchased classes;
We encourage you to convert any unused classes to a donation toward the upkeep of Yoga North, and then purchase new classes for the summer session(s);

But if you feel unable to donate the unused classes, the existing unused classes on your class card (regardless of the end-date on the card) will be honoured for classes you would like to attend in the summer.

If you have an AUM (annual unlimited membership) – which is normally valid to the end of August or September:

You can continue to use those cards for the summer sessions if you wish, and we will extend those cards for one month into the Fall (in partial compensation for the studio being closed for approximately 3 months);
If you want to provide extra support to the studio, you could instead pre- purchase some or all of the classes for the summer and then reactivate your AUM card for one month in the Fall.

x The Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group meets every Sunday from September to June at 10 am. For more information please visit