I am deeply grateful to the teachers at Yoga North for providing a safe and enjoyable yoga experience throughout my pregnancy. Through regular practice, I was able to avoid many of the physical and emotional discomforts often associated with pregnancy. Moreover, I found yoga to be a source of ‘spiritual nourishment’ during this special time of change in my life.

Diane Orihel
Student, 2015

I have been a student of Yoga North for the last 13 years. As a result of practicing the Iyengar method of yoga, my flexibility and strength has improved beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. The instructors at Yoga North undergo a very rigorous teacher training process and as a result are exceptionally knowledgeable. Aside from being very skilled, they truly care about us as individuals and readily modify poses to accommodate our limitations and/or injuries. An added bonus of attending Yoga North is gaining a wonderful community of like minded and caring people.

Longtime student
October 2015

I feel fortunate to be part of Yoga North community. During my pregnancy, the instructors took extra care to keep me and my baby safe by adapting the poses for me each class. This allowed me to practice yoga right up to the week before I delivered. Practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy helped me stay healthy both in mind and body and helped prepare me for labor.

Sandy Carriere
Student, 2015

15 years ago, my friend Jill Taylor invited me to a class during Yoga North’s first week of business. The class was quite good and I was particularly impressed with Val’s “clairvoyant” powers as she instructed me to look straight ahead and not plan what I was going to do later. How did she know I needed to pick up milk after class!!!

Initially I found the Iyengar method of yoga to be quite fussy with all the joint stacking & pulling up of kneecaps, inner ankles and other body parts. I quickly became hooked and came to appreciate the precision of the teaching and the transition into more challenging poses as I became stronger. That same attention to detail was evident with the props. Thanks to Lori, we know the right way to stack the chairs.

As I enjoy the beautiful fall colours in western Connecticut today and reflect on your 15th anniversary the word that comes to mind is gratitude. Gratitude for the excellence in teaching and gratitude for the wonderful community who are celebrating with you in person and in spirit this afternoon.  Yoga North is a very special place for me.

Gayle M.
Student, October 2017

My Iyengar Yoga classes and instruction at Yoga North were beneficial throughout my pregnancy, and had an extremely positive influence on the labour and birth of my first baby. My body knowledge developed through years of Iyengar training enabled me to articulate what I needed to my caregivers, specific to body area, as well as gave me confidence in voicing how I needed to move at certain moments during the labour. This deeply enhanced my birth experience.

Jackie Avent
Student, 2015

Excellent yoga studio. By far the best yoga classes I have taken in my 14 years of training. Excellent and well thought out classes. Great teachers too!

Student Feedback
Facebook, 2014